Power to you

Living on your desires

Applying the law of attraction to your life requires a certain amount of discipline. When your thoughts are in a mess, the universe cannot determine what you want. Doubt is the killer. Living a life with gratitude isn't always easy, especially when the going gets tough. Here at simple life solutions, we have understood this, and we brought together a set of online tools to help.


About us...

Simple life solutions have been set up to bring useful life tools for everyone. From advanced vision boards, that link to each other, to timekeepers. Everything is here to help you create your plan in life.

To truly understand the law of attraction as mentioned in the Secret, you have to look into the details. The speakers in the film express a high degree of confidence in themselves and in their belief of the secret. They do seem to have the secret worked out and living it in their lives. You should be able to do that too.

Gratitude plays an essential part of changing your mood from a sad one to a better one, it's quite imperative that you progress your happy thoughts, this would help you to align with the universe to get the positive outcome you desire. This outcome will need to be defined.