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Applying the law of attraction to your life requires a certain amount of discipline. Read through the following article about how to effectively make use of vision-board


Creating powerful and effective Vision Boards

The law of attraction depends on us being able to create the right magnet to attract the opportunities or environment that we seek. Creating vision boards are a fantastic tool to creating that magnetic attitude. They can help us to focus and fine tune our thoughts such that the universe can deliver on the particulars of our desires. Some people who have experienced applying the law of attraction will know how it can occasionally go wrong due to not being precise enough in declaring the desire. We are providing a set of tools to help fine tune this process.

An effective board would be on that the desires as accurately as possible. We encourage the use of several different vision boards, each to grow individual elements of the broader picture. Use the vision boards to dig deep into your vision. Drill down to the specifics in more vision boards as you iterate through your ideas. You should have a lot of fun in this process.

We would also encourage you to share your visionboard. Sharing your visionboards and discussing with others helps to disseminate the vision to the universe further. You should do this with people who may be part of your ‘mastermind’ group. Not everyone needs to know about all your visionboards. However, particular people who will actively help you to achieve your goals can be given access to specific boards. Their comments will be invaluable in finetuning them.

Power of vision boards

The power of the vision is that they help your mind be open for the relevant opportunities. The more you put yourself in the environment of your dreams the more you are susceptible to accomplishing them. Feeding your subconscious mind is paramount to this. We would advise allocating some time to obsess over your vision boards on a regular basis. This is your creative process. Its your definition of how you want your life.

What should be on your vision board.

  • A vision board should show you how you would like to see yourself at a point in time. You may have different boards for different times.
  • It should present the achievements you would like
  • Show the experiences you want
  • The connections you want to have
  • The resources you need.

Multiple Vision boards

We would suggest fine tuning your boards by creating more, how you wish to do that is up to you. Some categories could include the following

  • Career
    • Potential job
    • Potential earnings
  • Sources of income
  • Family life
  • Social life
  • Business
  • Home
  • Lifestyle


It is crucial that you avoid contradictions in your vision boards. Collectively they should be speaking the same story. Fine-tuning this will help you focus. As the vision boards become your life goal, you would be essentially ensuring that your life becomes consistent too. When contradictions occur, looking at your personal priority for the time frame will help you choose what you would like to drop.

Positive feeling

One of the key exercises in using the law of attraction is that you need to feel positive about it. Depression, negative thoughts, whatever makes you sad, doubt will hamper your chance of success. Once you start thinking that its not working for you, it will not. Life seems to come with issues, that need to be resolved and seems to deter you away from your goals. Once you are submersed deep into a positive attitude towards your vision, you may see a different perspective to the problems. They will lose their significance, giving way to the significance you give to accomplishing your goals. Teachers of Law of attraction would encourage that you use the power of gratitude to build the positive attitude. This certainly helps, it furthermore makes you realise of all the resources you have in your possession. The opportunities on how you can use them to accomplish your goals will slowly present themselves to you. Listing down simple things that puts you in a happy state helps you get started. These could be particular images, or music or even just that hug. Whatever it is, you should always strive to be in that happy state as you visualise.

External links on creating vision boards

Cheyenne Diaz has created an excellent article giving some ideas in the construction of physical vision boards. In particular look into the goal setting ideas.https://blog.mindvalley.com/vision-board/

Jack Canfied also has a deep article focusing on some of the benefits of a vision board. His focus on the power of choice explains the benefits of finetuning. https://www.jackcanfield.com/blog/how-to-create-an-empowering-vision-book/

Action boards

In https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/the-blame-game/201205/throw-away-your-vision-board-0 Neil Farber discusses the negative side of vision boards and the law of attraction, he has however managed to demonstrate how action orientated vision boards tend to be more successful. He suggests converting your vision boards to action boards. Some of his points on how vision boards can lead to delusional thought processes and leave you unprepared for failure should be taken with caution. In the early stages of the practice this can be true. However, from experience, being able to subscribe to your vision totally, usually puts you into a mental state of overcoming huddles in a positive way that delivers your vision. Problems will come; however you will see them in a different light. They will not appear to be showstoppers that prevent you from proceeding. Action is certainly required. Teachers of the Law of Attraction will never claim that creating your vision and then doing nothing will get you that vision. You need to move with the opportunities presented to you.