Life is simple

let's keep it simple

Have a look at how we have made the registration process and the pricing model simple below. To start the process you can click here and follow the instructions [Login / Register]

Getting started

Registration process

All you need is your email address on this platform. We don't even need a password. Every time you want to access this platform, click on the login button and give us your email address. We will send you an authentication time-limited link which will provide you with access. You can start the process here [Login / Register]

Or.. just login with Facebook, like you may have done on other sites [Login / Register]

If you are connecting for the first time, you would need to accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy. It's just that simple.

psss... the site uses the right mouse button a lot, have a look around.


You can browse anything shared with you for free, however, to create anything and to make this work for you, it's best to upgrade your account to a premium one - for just £2.00 per month. Simple, no complicated packages, just for signing up you will have a set of Visionboards, a slideshow and some other tools for free just to get started.

The platform will alert you to upgrade when you try to create something for the first time. Otherwise feel free to explore. [Login / Register]